We are a team of experienced providers in comprehensive behavioral health care with specialties

in counseling and Employee Assistance Services, including substance abuse, couples work and a wide range of mental health issues. We believe in our clients and in our ability to provide sound guidance to help them meet their goals.  Whether individual, business, or organizational teams, our staff are highly skilled supporting each and every step necessary to achieve success.  









Our team is comprised of a group of individuals with a wide range of specialities which combine for a full range of comprehenisive services.  We pride ourselves on treating whole families and couples that often require support in multiple areas.  Our goal is to truly support healthy change from all angles that empowers each individual to be their best.  Some of our specialties include anxiety, depression, trauma, addictions, couples and domestic violence.  Our staff are in network with most insurance plans and offer several payment options.  To learn more about our counseling services, contact us.












Our Employee Assistance Programming strives to support each business in having healthy and productive employees.  With the goal of understanding each unique workplace culture, our team provides whatever level of guidance and support needed.  Some of our specialties include law enforcement, EMS personnel, drug free workplace, managment/performance referrals and enhanced teamwork/communication.  From traditional employee supportive EAP services to a full range of on site training and wellness programs, our EAP team strives to help businesses achieve success in every way possible.  To learn more about our EAP services, contact us.