ABH Employee Assistance Program is a comprehensive program designed to support businesses and promote healthy employees.

We can assist you in boosting employee productivity, improving morale, and in providing necessary support and guidance to both you and your employees. We provide a wide range of services to meet your needs.

Any organization can benefit from using ABH Employee Assistance Program. Five areas of service that are provided by ABH Employee Assistance Program are: Family and Caregiving, Emotional Well-being, Health and Wellness, Daily Living, and Working Smarter.

  •  "It is estimated that over ¼ of the population is experiencing some sort of emotional stress, anxiety, depression, etc…"

  •  "Up to 20% of a company's employees may not be working to full capacity because they do not receive the help they need."

  • "An employer sponsored EAP program can reduce an employer's disability costs, medical costs and pharmacy costs".

ABH Employee Assistance Program has been providing services to the businesses of our community for over twenty years. ABH Employee Assistance Program can help reduce sick leave by up to 40%, work related accidents by up to 70%, workers compensation claims by 25%, and lost time by up to 50%.

ABH Employee Assistance Program utilizes proven best-practices and cost-effective solutions to many of the problems employees and family members face in our uncertain world.


ABH Employee Assistance Program offers seminars in the workplace that will address many issues, such as:

  • Change Management

  • Stress Management

  • Communication

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Financial Planning

Confidentiality is a requirement and a guarantee that ABH Employee Assistance Program makes to businesses we represent. Without it, an EAP wouldn’t work. Our counselors are specially trained to handle delicate issues, and have the knowledge and skills to assist you in solving your problems. 

ABH Employee Assistance Program services are available for the employee and their immediate family members. Each company selects the covered benefits that work for them. If an employee has other needs, we help them to find the most effective services.