5 Myths About Counseling

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There has been so much stigma around counseling over the years. Statistics continuously show stigma as the #1 reason people do not seek help. We thought it might be helpful to try and address some of the myths about counseling that we have seen most common.

Myth #1: Only "crazy" people seek counseling.

Reality: People who seek counseling are far from crazy. They have enough insight to know something is wrong and seek professional help to address issues in their lives. Facing our demons is actually a very healthy step which takes great strength.

Myth #2: Therapists just listen, it's up to you to find the answers.

Reality: Our approach is pretty straight forward, to give an honest assessment of the situation and help you formulate a plan of action from the very first session. We may tell you things you do not really want to hear, but need to hear in order to bring about change necessary to meet your goals and live a healthy life.

Myth #3: Marriage Counseling does not work.

Reality: Marriage counseling only works when both people are committed to truly trying to address issues.

Unfortunately, many couples enter into counseling at a point when one of them has already left the marriage at a commitment level. We have had MANY successes working with couples who are both committed to the process.

Myth #4: I know what my issues are, why would I need a counselor?

Reality: It is great when we know what our issues are, that is the first step, acknowledgement! There is a big difference between knowing and doing. Part of a counselor's role is to help you make a plan for success, address obstacles that exist (which we often do not see ourselves) and help build accountability and motivation for success. Getting a professional perspective can be invaluable.

Myth #5: Marriage Counselors take sides.

Reality: Marriage counseling is about the relationship. Each person's perspective is valuable and issues must be addressed that are affecting the marriage. This means giving each party feedback on how they can try a new approach or work on strengthening a skill. These conversations can be quite difficult and challenging for everyone, but with dedication, patience and commitment, they can be extremely effective.

Counseling is a process, not a quick fix or a band-aid. At A.B.H., we take a very common sense, honest approach to therapy and truly believe that your success is our success. Some of our most rewarding moments are the ones when our clients achieve success, say their goodbyes and tell us they don't need us anymore!

For more about our team please visit our website at www.Advantagebh.com/meetourteam.

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