Is Your Relationship in Need of Rescuing?

This is a question that most of us have asked ourselves at some point in our lives. Whether it's a girlfriend, husband, wife or partner, we all struggle with the pushes and pulls of relationships and trying to be happy and healthy. Sometimes we fight over ridiculous things like the cup left on the counter or dinner not being ready, but the reality is, it is about much more than that. For all of us, there is a need to feel loved, respected and appreciated. When couples find themsevles feeling unheard, rejected, blamed or disrespected by one another, resentment may follow and lead to a major disconnect in the relationship. Unfortunalty, many couples choose not to seek help because it seems their relationship is not worth rescuing.

The truth is, these issues are not uncommon in a relationship and are fixable when both parties are open to help and willing to try. Left unaddressed these unhealthy behaviors, characteristic of the Four Horseman by The Gottman Institute, often lead to the end of the relationship. Guidance from an experinced, trained counselor can effectively help couples rebuild their relationship and learn healthy ways to resolve conflict and communicate. "In the beginning, many couples really need me to be a mediator because they have become so frustrated and have stopped listening. The goal of couples counseling is to develop a mutual understanding of each others needs" says Erica Helzer, LCSW. There is great value in working with a trained third party who is working for the good of the couple. This helps create an environment where each individual is able to express his/her needs in a comfortable space. There is hope and help to rescue relationships, contact us for assistance.

Erica Helzer, LCSW is one of our highly trained and experienced counselors with extensive background and passion in working with couples. To learn more about Erica visit her profile here.

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