Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

In recent weeks, just about every day we have been hearing about a new allegation of sexual harassment against influential people we have watched and known for years. I find myself having increased conversations both professionally and personally on the who, what and why's of many stories. This week's newest media coverage has shaken things up and I think made people realize even more that anyone, anywhere, in any position can be effected. The hard truth is that although we are in 2017 (one might think we could all play by the rules now), there are many sexually harassing behaviors that go on every day. Just this week, our Employee Assistance Program has had numerous requests for training and retraining on this topic. This is a really good thing. Awareness and education are key components to addressing and preventing any problem. As an employee assistance program, we are always here to support anyone who feels they may be dealing with sexual harassment. It can be difficult to speak up, we offer guidance and support in helping individuals address issues in a confidential setting. As a trainer for employers, we strive to act as a neutral party in raising awareness and allowing employees to ask questions they may be afraid to ask otherwise. The reality is, we hope to support all parties in keeping the conversations going to empower each of us toward a mutually common goal: a workplace filled with healthy boundaries and respect.

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