• Meditation is a great tool to take a few moments and relax the mind and body.  Never tried it?  That's ok.  Here is a link to explain the basics.  Meditation music is wonderful to set the tone and relax!  So grab the headphones, shut the door and choose your favorite.  Close your eyes and breathe!


  • Pace Yourself.  Are you taking your breaks at work?  Do you often eat lunch at your desk?  To effectively manage our stress and be most productive, we have to take care of ourselves.  That means taking breaks to eat, de-stress and refuel!


  • Laugh.  Yes, laughter. According to Forbes magazine, laughter can be key to an organization's success!   Life gets hard and makes it a challege at time and its true, the more stressed we are, the more we forget (or just don't feel like) laughing.  So make a concerted effort to laugh.  Here are a few ideas.

    • Bring in a laughter filled video for your next meeting or lunch. (Cy Wakeman, Steve Gililand and Loretta Laroche are a few of our favorites).

    • Laugh at yourself.  Remember a time when you did or said something absolutely ridiculous?  Share your story for a good laugh!

    • Do something incongruent with the seriousness in your life.  How?  Twirl, walk backwards, or do a little dance.  Sometimes a little action to break up the situation really goes a long way.


  • SING.  Not Celine or Mariah or Frank?  So what!  Singing is a wonderful  and natural way to relieve stress.  Next time you are alone in the car, be your own music or at least sing along!


  • For more ideas on managing stress or to talk to a counselor, please contact us anytime!

Stress is inevitable!  As much as we try, it has a way of creeping up on us!  We have added some tools to support you in taming the beast!