Sue Underhill, MA, LPC, Health & Wellness Consultant & Lifecoach

I hold a Master of Arts in Counseling Degree from Northeastern Illinois University and am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Life Coach and Certified Personal Trainer. Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help you achieve a well balance of mind, body & spirit, I believe that learning to change your negative thoughts, changes your outlook, and positively changes your life! I specialize in working with clients who have anxiety, depression and low self-esteem/self-image in their life associated with obesity/overweight issues, helping break through the chains of overeating & binge/emotional eating, adolescents & adults struggling with an eating disorder and clients coping/struggling with chronic illness. I offer nutritional counseling, as well as setting up reasonable and efficient exercise plans. In my therapy, I encourage self-responsibility & positive self-talk, to achieve a healthy mind/body connection. I encourage self-responsibility, good nutrition, physical fitness, effective stress management, relaxation and healthy relationships to achieve a positive mind/body connection. I believe that learning to change your thoughts, changes your outlook, and finally changes your life. My personal commitment is to your health and success!I also offer a variety of presentations and workshops, including Balancing Your Life in Six Equal Parts, The Mind/Body Connection to Permanent Weight Loss, Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to live with a Chronic Illness including Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and Diabetes, and Overcoming Irrational Thoughts and Behaviors using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.