Tele-health Services

 What is "tele-health" ?  

Tele-health services are a rapidly growing form of coaching and counseling services delivered across the world.  Services are provided through the web allowing easy access to needed support while maintaining 100% privacy.

Are tele-health services safe and secure?

Yes, your privacy is extremely important to us.  The portal we have selected is highly encrypted software and fully HIPPA compliant.

What kind of computer/software do I need?

Tele-health services can be provided via a computer, Ipad or smartphone via a free app.


Sessions may be scheduled with one of our participating tele-health providers.


If you would like to schedule a tele-health assessment to see if this service may be right for you.  Please register here and we will contact you shortly!

Please note that our providers must assess each application and approve on a case by case basis.


There are  circumstances where tele-health services may not meet your needs and would not be accepted such as:

1. Substance abuse or addiction issues are involved.

2. Clinical issues such as severe depression or suicidal thoughts require more                 intensive, in person treatment.

3. You are a minor in need of parental consent.


For more information or questions about this service, please feel free to contact us.