Why Choose ABH Employee Assistance Program?

Advantage Behavioral Health has thrived on the dedication and expertise of its staff.  We offer over 40 years combined clinical and management experience on our leadership team.  Our team is frequently relied on for many human resource professionals and managers to assist with employee issues.  “They provide our Village with evaluation services and onsite training programs structured to engage, support, and educate my “work family”- current administrator of municipal contract. 



Our Call Center staff pride themselves on being empathetic and helpful, always focusing on the caller needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   Advantage Behavioral Health has longevity in its staff because we work in a supportive and encouraging environment.  Our customer service is high quality and customer driven. 



Advantage Behavioral Health offers a wide selection of carefully chosen affiliates to meet the needs of our customers in many locations throughout the US.  All of our affiliates are licensed in their area of specialty and must adhere to ABH clinical guidelines.  Join our affiliate network.



We actively promote our services to each account to ensure the best utilization possible.  We provide informative monthly newsletters for employees and supervisors.  On a regular basis, our staff create new materials that we feel will be of interest to each contract on topics such as stress, conflict and coping with financial stress.  We are always willing to schedule visibility tables on site, lunch and learn workshops and frequently participate in health fairs to take a preventative approach whenever possible.



Advantage Behavioral Health growth has been unparalleled by our high client satisfaction.  “Advantage Behavioral Health is vital to the success of our organization”-administrator for local municipality.